Natural Disaster Relief

Natural Disaster ReliefOur company offers many different services within the building industry, but our BIGGEST efforts are directed towards helping natural disaster victims receive affordable, comfortable, reliable homes.

Families across the world deal with treacherous disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados etc. Our team’s mission is to put families into a home that is suitable for all individual needs, yet affordable, and especially reliable even for FUTURE DISASTERS! Given the unfortunate circumstances of all natural disaster victims, one of the biggest concerns for many is getting back to having a place that they can call their own in the timeliest manner. In turn, our production system/team strives to make that happen for every client. We also offer self-sustainable capabilities for each build per client’s request. Typically, we deal with traditional water, septic, and electric hook ups on site BUT given everyone’s different needs and issues as a direct result of these disasters, we want to offer the option of “drop and ready living” when waiting is not an option, consisting of solar panels for electric  self-composting toilets and fresh water holding tanks. We hope that our efforts can make a difference for those in need and help bring families back to not only a comfortable state of mind, but also a comfortable state of living!